Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai

Both are intimately linked with Jia Baoyuone as his true love and the other as his future wife, and each shares a single character in their given name with Baoyu. The Search for Modern China. As free expression of negative emotions might disrupt relationships, collectivists often control such emotions inward [ 69 ], which however, might in turn results in an excessive suppression and a later pathologicalrebound.

She is the daughter of Marquis Shi of Jinling, the capital city of the fictitious dynasty set up in the novel. Her name, Xiren, refers to a line of classical poetry that says "In an enclosed room, the fragrance of the flowers invade one's senses, sending one into raptures over its warmth;" it was given her by Jia Baoyu after he learned that her surname was Hua, or "flower.

Why did Xue Baochai instead of Lin Daiyu marry Jia Baoyu?

Research on the book has even generated its own school of literary analysis, called "red-ology". Yingchun dies within a year of marriage. Xue Pan is Baochai's older brother, a dissolute, idling rake who is a local bully in Jinling.

She is sensitive to malicious gossips and often feels insecure and lonely despite her high standing in the Rongguo household. Vol 4, The Debt of Tears, trans. Wang Xifeng was educated as a boy when she was young which resulted in her expanded self-esteem leading to the narcissism [ 59 ].

Xiangling Fragrant Lotus is the Xues' maid, born Zhen Ying-lian a pun on "she who is to be pitied"the lost and kidnapped daughter of Zhen Shiyin, the country gentleman in Chapter One.

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At the age of six Daiyu lost her mother; shortly after she is summoned to the capital to be with her maternal grandmother, the powerful Jia Clan matriarch, Grandmother Jia. Tanchun is eventually married off to a husband in a faraway land. The novel itself is a detailed, episodic record of the lives of the extended Jia Clan, made up of two branches, the Ning-guo and Rong-guo Houses, which occupy two large adjacent family compounds in the Qing capital, Beijing.

This was of course, rejected. She is kindly and affable for the most part, but plays an important part in the novel by marrying her daughter Baochai to Baoyu. As the most-described trait in DRM, antagonism was negatively comparable to forgiveness. Having a naturally weak constitution she has been taking medicine and tonic from a very young age, and this resulted in her somewhat willowy build and ethereal beauty.

Daiyu's emotional tirades make sense in the context of the supernatural.

Personality Of Lin Daiyu And Xue Baochai Essays

Since then, after Hu Shi 's analyses, it has been generally agreed that Cao Xueqin wrote the first 80 chapters of the novel. She has a natural affinity for literature and learns exceptionally well.

Xue Baochai

Zijuan Purple Nightingale is Daiyu's chief maid, bequeathed by Grandmother Jia to her granddaughter, and is a very faithful companion to Daiyu.Xue Baochai (薛宝钗; Meaning: Jeweled Hair Pin or Precious Virtue) Jia Baoyu’s other first cousin.

The only daughter of Aunt Xue (薛姨媽), sister to Baoyu’s mother, Baochai is a foil to Daiyu. Where Daiyu is unconventional and hypersensitive, Baochai is sensible and tactful: a model Chinese feudal maiden.

Personality Of Lin Daiyu And Xue Baochai For ages, hundreds upon hundreds of eminent scholars have been contributing all their lifetime to the study of Dream of the Red Mansion, which is 3 Pages (1, Words) - Last Modified: 28th April, Lin Daiyu (also spelled Lin Tai-yu, Chinese: 林黛玉; Pinyin: Lín Dàiyù) is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin's classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty and beautiful young woman of physical frailness who is.

Xue Baochai

Contrast with Xue Baochai Edit The character of Lin Daiyu contrasts with that of Baoyu 's other cousin, Xue Baochai. The two principal female characters are probably conceived as foils to each other. In the Cheng-Gao version of the novel, Xue Baochai marries Jia Baoyu under the machinations of Wang Xifeng and Grandmother Jia, causing Lin Daiyu's death through grief.

However, many Redology scholars have commented that this is unlikely since, according to Zhiyanzhai and the clues of foreshadowing, Lin Daiyu dies well before their eventual wedding. Why did Xue Baochai instead of Lin Daiyu marry Jia Baoyu?

Here are some teaser answers: Baoyu and Daiyu had a natural growing mutual love based on their intimate sharing of similarities in the arts, especially poetry and couplets.

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Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai
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