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When purchasing a product, do you usually consider getting a green product? This is due to factors such as price, place, and satisfaction.

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They buy these products primarily because they were persuaded by their documented benefits for the environment. The satisfaction of the participants is linked to customer loyalty towards a product. However, it Green product thesis much broader than that. You could look for the LEED seals when looking to purchase green homes or office buildings, as an example.

I will evaluate the results to observe whether price and other factors affect their behavior. Unfortunately, a majority of people believe that green marketing refers only to the promotion or advertising of products with environmental terms such as Phosphate Free, Recyclable, Ozone Friendly, and Environmentally Friendly.

Satisfied consumers are more willing to repeat purchases. The majority were female but all age groups were attracted to the ecofriendly impact of a green product. This is because young consumers will be living through more environmental issues.

In this model an attitude has three components: The majority were of ages and had high incomes. In the case of green products, packaging has an important role to play because it is the first thing that the consumer sees.

Electronic Green Journal

Indian marketers are also realizing the importance of the Green Marketing Concept. This generated a lack of reliability. Mostly participants aged were attracted to designer green products and most of those who were attracted to the appearance were aged Biodegradable or easily reused either in part or as a whole.

Participants from all age groups and income categories have similar answers. Companies should find a way to lower the prices of green goods while increasing their quantities and selling them in more places. For this thesis I will mainly focus on advertising because other elements of promotion such Green product thesis sales or public relations have low importance in the FMCG sector since consumers do not need much help when they shop everyday products.

Results show that positive attitudes towards green products can lead to purchase intention but not always, confirming the fact that people are concerned about the environment but that does not necessarily lead to action. There are five different age groups: Environmental concerns such as global warming and resource exhaustion have been important issues for years now.

This seemed to influence females more than males however. One main objective is to see if consumers easily find green products in their 1store differ from one country to another, and from one person to another.

Results of regression analysis reveals the view that overall green values, awareness about green products and practices and the perception regarding seriousness of marketing companies towards green marketing had positive significant impact on consumer persuasion to buy and prefer green products over conventional products.

The neoclassical view implies that people buy green products only for selfish reasons such as the taste, the superior quality or the fact that green products are healthier than regular activities in computer parts’ manufacturers in Thailand, delivering a finished product to the end-user or customer.

All The Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Electronics Industry Ninlawan C., Seksan P., Tossapol K., and Pilada W.

The product performance, quality, image and taste are vital to the green consumer therefore the low impact the product has on the environment alone is not sufficient enough to influence the consumer’s behavior to purchase green goods. Green Market Research anyone?

Master of Science Thesis in Industrial Ecology GIORGIA NERVI Department of Energy and Environment Division of Environmental System Analysis The interest towards green products and services can be tracked back to the late ’s. MASTER’S DEGREE THESIS Management of the Supply Chain – Figure Two Main Types of Product Offerings 47 Figure Share of Turnover per Product Types in 47 In the thesis theoretical framework is used to evaluate the supply chain management.

product sellers, are confused about green products (Schlossberg, ), and also skeptical about the ability of green consumerism to contribute to a better environment (Pearce, ).

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A second important consideration is social support and social structure. Green marketing is growing rapidly and consumers are willing to pay a lot for green product. There have been little analysis of the impact of this new market on the consumers and the environ.

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