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Is the whistleblowing site fighting for its survival, afraid that CNRS might impose its demise any time? This evidence for the same Chantalat et al paper was forwarded to me once it was understood that PubPeer is unlikely to allow new evidence against Peyroche publications to be posted: Furthermore, under the same type of treatment, most of the patients with multiple sclerosis showed dramatic improvements on their symptoms.

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact our Customer Services team. Schwedt is a frequent lecturer and has authored over peer-reviewed publications.

Call to research integrity, or at least a minor revolution at CNRS

Or maybe honest French scientists will eventually understand that enough is enough, and will shove these dishonest imposters off their thrones. Our fundamental goal is to advance the chemical sciences, through the effective dissemination of high quality research content.

Why is the background completely missing in some places? The following six pesticides are considered highly toxic but commonly used on marijuana crops: Then, some strange lane splicing was detected, in Figure 3 below and in Figure 5. As this is still a relatively new industry, there are challenges in formulating safety regulations; much discrepancy exists between state regulations and federal regulations with respect to legal agricultural practices.

Shafer who was a former prosecutor with a tough "law and order" reputation to serve as chairman. This is by itself not necessarily bad, but why was it presented as an utterly new independent experiment the second time around?

Inmore than distinguished economists called for the legalization of cannabis in an open letter to President BushCongressGovernorsand state legislatures.

It was prescribed by Herbert Hoover when he was Secretary of Commerce to be used for US government forms, apparently to enable discounts from the purchase of paper for schools, but more likely due to the standard use of trimming books after binding and paper from the standard letter size paper to produce consistency and allow "bleed" printing.

She has directed PhD students and teaches residents, students, neurologists and other physicians. The Canadian standard CAN Fig 3, Le Tallec et al Recent studies also agreed that THC had great potential benefits for medical purposes. Last empty lane 20 looks spliced on, there are also some pixel-less background patches.

Carciniogen, cholinesterase inhibitor; not allowed in WA Thiophanate-methyl fungicide: The datasets maybe heterogeneous in terms of the variable sets they measure […] Lecture by Dr.

Here, same gel filtration experiment features in two different Le Tallec et al figures. Or pretending to have reproduced them while this is not the case. PubPeer is the only whistleblowing platform available on internet, there are no alternatives.

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A number of patients who have HIV, multiple sclerosis MSneuropathic chronic pain, and cancer were under medical marijuana treatment. A minor revolution is in order in French science, for which I would like to make a case here. Schwedt serves on the Board of Directors for the American Headache Society, is a member of the American Headache Society scientific meeting planning committee, is the chairperson of the post-traumatic headache working group for the International Classification of Headache Disorders, and is an associate editor for Cephalalgia, Headache, Headache Currents and Pain Medicine.

Funder The funding body providing the grant for your research may have certain requirements on how and where an author publishes and archives their research. In addition to his clinical duties in the Mayo Headache Clinic, he leads an active headache research portfolio.

Mandatory driver's license suspensions for possession of cannabis Jurisdictions with mandatory suspensions Jurisdictions that have opted out During the Reagan years, the federal war on drugs was significantly ramped up, and a number of states acted to increase penalties for drug crimes.

InAlaska voters approved a ballot initiative to recriminalize cannabis, overriding the court decision that legalized cannabis 15 years earlier. Samples purchased by law enforcement in California, have for example detected pesticide residues present on cannabis product for sale to the public.

We meet the Wellcome Trust requirements in our services to authors. Like the similar-sized ISO A5, it is used for everything from personal letter writing to official aeronautical maps. Strange featureless rectangular patches appear. Reused western blots, across two publications.

The San Francisco cannabis users were twice as likely to use crack cocaine as their Dutch counterparts, more than twice as likely to use amphetamines, and five times as likely to be current users of opiates.

The term covers a variety of practices. The report states cannabis is the top cash crop in 12 states, is one of the top three cash crops in 30 states, and is one of the top five cash crops in 39 states.

CNRS directorate has the power to obliterate it at any time, which will catapult us all back to the golden times of just a couple of years ago when there was no research misconduct whatsoever because no evidence of it ever saw the light of the day.

Strange band splicing evens highlighted with arrows and yellow frame, in Le Tallec et al on PubPeer. Despite these penalties, users continue to find themselves in trouble with the law.Molecular medicine is an emerging new field, which deals with the understanding of the molecular basis of diseases and then developing appropriate strategies for.

Open positions available – CALLS FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST.

Decriminalization of non-medical cannabis in the United States

Several contractual positions are open for our ERC Consolidator Grant that kicked off January 1st, and will run for the next 3 years. In the United States, the non-medical use of cannabis is decriminalized in 13 states (plus the U.S. Virgin Islands), and legalized in another 10 states (plus the District of Columbia and Northern Mariana Islands), as of November " Decriminalization" refers to a policy of reduced penalties for cannabis offenses, typically involving a civil penalty for possession of small amounts (similar.

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This is an exciting opportunity within one of the largest teaching hospital trusts in England. The Headache fellow would be embedded into the headache team and receive training to .

Dissertations from karolinska
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